Think about the “what if” of horse ownership for a moment...

What if changing and implementing a few simple techniques could remove the threat of Navicular, Laminitis, Cushing’s and Colic (and many more!)?

What if your horse went through a bought of colic and you could handle it on your own without the need for an expensive vet call or surgery.

What if your horse’s behavior changed so dramatically you never felt threatened by it?

What if your pasture ornament was able to get out and become the sport horse you
dreamed of?   

THIS is what Complete Horse Sense is about.



Congratulations to Katy Benoit and Gracie for a great weekend in Moses Lake. Everyday they move forward and this past weekend they passed another milestone. Did she place first in every class? Nope. But she did have a judge come up to her (while still in the arena) and tell her how great her horse is. The only reason he didn't place her first was that her reins were too loose. What an honor for him to take the time to not only compliment her, but to justify his placing to her.



Gracie(owned by Cherianne and Katy Benoit) is a Western Pleasure mare that came to us a few years ago.  She was purchased as a trail horse because the trainer didn't know how to solve her mysterious limp.  Her transformation has beennothing less than amazing.  When they tried her, she was sweet.  When they brought her home, she was sweet.  Five days later, she ran past Katy and tried to kick her in the head.  At that point, they weren't sure what they had, so they did what any family would do.... First, they wrote "Devil Horse" where her halter hung and then they called Complete Horse Sense.  How did we do it?  We followed the exact protocol that is outlined in our book and we completely transformed this horse.  Has it taken time?  Absolutely.  Have we had setbacks?  Yep, that's life.  Here she is now - two videos.  The first is the most recent, taken April 2014, and the second was taken in January 2014. Fast forward 18 months... the transformation will amaze you.  Our newest video will be uploaded shortly!