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You are on your way - say good-bye to 10 step programs, negotiating with your horse and any fear you may feel.  As long as you stick with our program,  the results you see will be nothing less than amazing.  Please make sure and track your progress.  If you have specific questions, send them to Cherianne @ and she will discuss them with Doug and one of them will get back to you. 

We highly recommend taking before pictures...  front, side (both) and hind view.  Do not try to "place" your horse, but let them hang out naturally and snap some shots.  Do this again after 6 weeks.  You can also take close ups of your horse's hooves/frogs and send the photos to us.  We will take a look and let you know how your horse is progressing.  You are welcome to do this in the beginning, before starting the program, and we will give you our assessment. 

The password you will need to access the digital copy to The Guide and the corresponding videos is:  horsesense123

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Thank you!